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Tools of the Trade

I wanted to share with you all the tools I use for writing. I keep it simple, and I have tried more advanced, writing specific tools, and always find myself returning to these tried and true methods.

In order of least, to most used, are my tools of the trade.


Trigger Words for Books

My first tool to cover is from Kindlepreneur, the Trigger Words for Books. I put this first as it's my least used tool. It came with a package of other tools I use more often, and the title can be a bit misleading if you are not an indie-author. The document just spells out simple words and the emotions people generally feel to help create book pitches and advertisements. 



A very specific tool for marketing on Amazon is PublisherRocket, again by Kindlepreneur. I purchased this tool, and it does give you a lot of insight on categories in Amazon and how popular they are vs. how competitive the genres are. You can also look up established products and see what words and optimizations they used to assist yourself. Nifty tool, but not essential.


Character Profile Template

My most used tool from and the last from Kindlepreneur, is the Character Profile Template. If I recall correctly, this was also a free product. I use this template only for my main protagonist and antagonist. It's a great tool, but it's very detailed, and there are some fields I never touch. The reason I do not use this for every character is, well... it would become a clutter to have all these separate documents. I like to have my character sheets all in one document where I can scroll back and forth.  



Yes, old fashion pen and paper (this includes notecards that are not pictured). I use a small booklet when I travel and keep it in my pocket. This helps me write what I see and think without relying on a cellphone. I use the large spiral notebook for my quotes I find interesting or think of for a character. My composition book is a mix of ideas, characters, or thoughts for books. My branded book is a sketch book. I will sketch images to help me later. (This is how I created the concept for my cover art of Sinner's Pass.) 


My Computer

Ok, I'm cheating here so I don't need to list every application I use with a picture. Let's go down the line. I use PowerPoint for character boards, storylines, and world building. I only started this recently, and Sinner's Pass was the first one to get this treatment! I use Word to write - yes, I've tried book specific software, but you know what? Everyone accepts a Word document, and I can format it to every specification I need. ProWritingAid is a recent addition which has helped me improve my writing. I use Edge for research and doing business. It has become my favorite browser over the last six months. And yes, I have a multi-light mechanical keyboard, because I'm a nerd and it is satisfying to type on.


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Did I miss a tool you use? Do you want to know other tools I have tried and dropped? Leave me a comment below!

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