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Reader Views - The Word is Out!

A Fold to Extinction has its first major reviews coming out. Reader Views has published their thoughts on my novel on their book review blog, and I can't be more ecstatic that people are enjoying my story.

I have to keep myself humble. Let me be honest with you all, I never truly believed my novel would do as well as it had. I really believed I would get 10 sells, all family and friends, and I would learn a lot. Well, I certainly have learned a lot! But - I have also experienced some outstanding success. In my first week of sells, I went international, granted, it was one sell to the United Kingdom, but it still counts to me. As of this posting, I am just a few sells of breaking 100 units sold. That sounds like small fry stuff, sure, but here's what a lot of non-writers don't know... 90% of self-published books never sell 100 copies (WordsRated).

My success is all thanks to you, though. Without the friends, and family backing me I would not have had a base to start with. Without the kind people I have met since my publishing, I would not have gotten the exposure I have. I am glad I have a solid foundation to start my writing career on. Again, thank you all!

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