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End of 2023

Where in the world did 2023 go? It feels like we were just starting the year, that A Fold to Extinction was still in pre-orders, and this blog only had a few re-posted old stories from my former Blogger page. Now here we are with 35 blog posts—to include a guest author one, a successful first time novel, a book signing completed, two new books in the works, and (drum roll, please) ...

My daughter was born! If you'd like to see her frustrated little face, she's included in the picture slides below.

So what is in store for 2024?

Well, if you're on my reader's list, none of this is a surprise, but I do have two books in the works. Well, really one completed book, and the start to a series. You don't know it yet, but if you've been reading my short stories, you've been getting hints about the overall story. Yes, that's right, you're already brought into the lore of future books being written.

So did I just ruin the story? Fear not, I write my shorts as snippets and self-contained stories within the universe that the books will take place in. That means you can read the shorts or the books without either spoiling anything between each other.

So why do it this way? This is an odd way right? I acknowledge that. What I am striving for is to create universes that readers can get invested in seeing the entirety of. So if you pick up the book, enjoy it enough to want more, there's more free stories right here! Think of it this way: Marvel's Cinematic Universe does the same thing. You have a long list of movies, many of which can be viewed independently, but feed to one another. You also have spin off movies, which are loosely tied to each other. So the average reader may not pick up that character X from the prologue is the same character X from a certain blog. There's also the added benefit that these stories are an easy way to attract new readers. I share these stories on my Twitter account and the official Facebook page. If I can pick up even one new reader, then I think it's worth it. I already started this with A Fold to Extinction, and I have created a little guide on my Home Page to assist readers who care about continuity.

So what are these new books?

There are two books I have begun writing, Sinner's Pass, and a yet to be named series. So let's look at them individually and see what's going on...

Sinner's Pass is a horror and thriller that follows a father's journey to find his missing son. The journey takes him on a path of personal redemption, as he must face his inner demons, both figuratively and literally. Unlike my previous novel, this story is more character focused and horror oriented. Sinner's Pass also is not tied to A Fold to Extinction or the expanded universe. At this time, I do not have any short stories associated with it, but in 2024 I have a shortcoming out that is in the same universe titled Hunted. So be on the lookout in early 2024!

My yet-to-be-named series is currently at more than 60,000 words (though if you check me out on NaNoWriMo you'll see the most updated stats). This series is in directly related to A Fold to Extinction. By that, I mean if you want another dinosaur book, I'm sorry there are no dinos in this one. But if you recall the concerns that Dr. Brian Harding had about the events that took place in the book, well, you'll be in for a treat. I will also give this one teaser, Dean's brother who is only vaguely mentioned, may be a character in the series. The first book sets the ground for a prolonged series where our world goes through rapid and horrifying outbreaks. So.... are there short stories tied to this? Yes, there are, and I plan to write many more in 2024. As of right now, the Last Stand series, and the offshoots associated, are all within the same universe.

So what is the easiest way to stay on top of this all as an interested reader? I mean, I do have my Facebook page, my Twitter account, and of course this webpage. But do you need to follow me on them all? No, of course not. If you have me on one or another, you're likely getting the same information, but, my reader's list gets the special stuff. If you want to join as an "alpha" reader on any of my future books, you can only request to do so by joining my list and reaching out when I have offers (so yeah, there are people who have already read Sinner's Pass!). You will also get each short story a week before it goes live on my blog, and of course you'll get tidbits about work I'm doing.

So that's it. 2023 is down as a pretty memorable year for me. I hope it was memorable for you and your families, and I hope 2024 is the start of better days for all. So, not to be cliché, but see you next year!


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