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Who Is Shaun S. Fitzgerald?

Shaun S. Fitzgerald served in the Army and grew up in Carson City, Nevada, before settling in Tallahassee, Florida. He writes on horror stories, thrillers, and science-fiction, grounding his works in reality with actual experiences from his travels, and stories he accumulated along the way. When he is not writing, he is researching, building terrifying costumes, at the range on some humid Florida range, or spending time with his wife and loyal Doberman.

A Fold to Extinction cover

A Fold to Extinction

Available in paperback, ebook/kindle, and audiobook (Order Here)

To the rest of the world, a random tsunami is but one disaster among other events to speculate over. Unbeknownst to most of the world, the disaster is but a single ripple caused by a clandestine experiment in the South Pacific. For one newly arranged rescue team, their mission to rescue researchers will lead them to confront terrors mankind was never intended to meet, and unravel an enigma that may be the extinction of life as humanity knows it.

Reader Views Five Star Review Award

Expanded Universe

If you are one to care about sequential events, then this table will outline the stories linearly. You can absolutely read the stories in whatever order you wish, and none of them will spoiler the previous or future stories.


AFTE: Backstories

Starts with A Uniqueness Hypothesis, then Two Bodies in Space, and finish with Welcome to the Team


A Fold to Extinction

Something has gone wrong. Teller Island's secret facility is not responding after the last test. A rescue team will need to move in and investigate.


The Ranch Series

A 10 part series. The Green family has purchased their dream ranch. As they will discover, the disturbing reason the previous owner fled was not just paranoia.

What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.

Julius Caesar

S.S. Fitzgerald


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Ken Lanese

All headshots provided by Ken Lanese. Ken Lanese is a Tallahassee photographer and photojournalist serving the Tallahassee area. His photography career spans over 30 years and he now works as a freelance photographer, covering high school and college sports for both schools and parents, in addition to portraiture and corporate photography.

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One Eye Monster

One Eye Monster (officialoem) is an online influencer, graphic designer, and comic. One Eye Monster has provided the online motion related video for A Fold to Extinction.

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