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AFTE - Book Signing

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

July 8, 2023, was a big day. It was the first official Author Signing for me!

I have to thank My Favorite Books of Tallahassee, Florida for hosting me. It was a wonderful experience to get to see those who are local and support my budding aspirations.

There were a few questions asked by those who came by:

  1. Was it difficult to write a whole book? Difficult to answer in a short answer. This is not my first book, it's just my first one to publicly sell. This is my 6th book, and I had to force myself to go public with it. Writing is easy for me, but the rest of the process was difficult. I had to read and reread the book several times, then I had to go through several other people and make edits based on their feedback. Then I had a professional editor go through it. The first draft really is the "honeymoon" phase. I also had to learn how to advertise myself. SEO, search engine optimization, is the only way to get seen outside of the circle of people I know. I also had to get more involved in social media, which was a whole learning curve by itself. So in short, was writing difficult? No, but the entire writing process is. A few stated they didn't believe they could do it - but for any doubters out there - if I can do it, you certainly can too.

  2. Are you going to keep writing? Yes! I learned a lot, and I will continue writing short stories here. I am attempting to get a few short stories in some sci-fi magazines and will continue to work standalone novels and series. My short stories will be sent to my reader's lists first, so hint-hint, come join it! I will also reach out to my reader's list for those interested in being Alpha, Beta, or ARC readers.

  3. When is the next one coming out? Next what? This is really two questions I will answer in one. Will there be a "direct" sequel to A Fold to Extinction? Not directly, but if you're a fan, that's been with me, you'll know there is an indirect series in my blog, The Ranch, which hints at events tied to the novel. I do plan to tying these events to another spin-off series of novels. But a true direct sequel is not planned at this time. My next novel is not connected and I am currently in the first draft phase. The story will get updates sent to my reader's list, again hint-hint, and I plan to go a more traditional route in publishing. This may take additional time, so I do not have a date I can promise yet.

  4. Is there any audiobook? Yes! I have to thank my friends, Stephen and Billy, for saying how much they wanted an audiobook. I hope the audiobook will be on the market before the end of July 2023!

Enjoy the pictures from the signing!

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1 comentário

14 de jul. de 2023

Wow! Congratulations on such a success for your first publication! I look forward to your next novel and the stories you post on the blog.

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