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To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and Back

Mom, we wanted to write you a letter. We thought at first about getting you a card, but how many of those do you have now? Then we thought flowers, but those come and go are never memorable. Then we thought skydiving, but maybe we needed to slow our roll there. We aren’t very sentimental children, we’ll blame dad for that one today, but we needed something for the most beautiful woman in our lives.

You made our darkness turn to light. The springing little girl your mother fell in love with stayed agile and lively within you all these years. And that youth and charisma transferred to your children's eyes, wide and filled with joy. From days of snowball fights in the yard, shuffling around looking for ‘rocks’ with little points, to enjoying a nice breakfast with overly sweet coffee. Also, you know Erin hates looking for rocks, right? Wanted you to know, you are forever on our minds, forever in our hearts.

You are a feisty ball of energy, even grandma says you’re like a motorcar.

You say you love us to the moon and back. And we mistakenly saw you as delicate as a lilac.

And we saw how strong you are, with one heart near, and one heart far.

But no matter what, we love you to the moon and back.

Written for Colleen Fitzgerald, featured in the Carson City News Paper 5/13/2018

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May 14, 2023

Shaun, this is absolutely beautiful! Can you tell me which newspaper, Nevada Appeal or Carson Now? You really should focus on being a published writer/author. Thank you for this beautiful, thoughtful tribute. Love you to the Moon and Back, Mom

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