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Backstories for: A Fold to Extinction

Shouldn't come as a surprise, there are perks and benefits to being on the reader's list and one of those includes additional short stories related to the work in progress. But what fun would it be to only share that information with just a few people, right? What if, you read A Fold to Extinction and love it - but feel you missed out on some goodies? Well, no worries. While those on the reader's list get a first look at back stories (also some nice little money-saving codes) I do plan to go back and re-share those stories here so fans can get related information that will enhance the story for those truly interested.

Then why not just include these juicy details in the book itself? Two reasons. First, I feel that the context of the information does not make an impact on the overall story. I could easily triple the length of the story, but it would add nothing substantial. Second, I want to engage with you and I want to hear your thoughts! I believe the modern reader is interactive. I want you to share your investment in characters, and I want to hear the sadness or feeling of triumph as our characters fail or succeed in their journey. With that, you can get additional information, that while not impactful to the overall story, can provide those juicy little details that we all like to ponder on stories we enjoy - either in books, cinema, or video games.

I may also use this forum to share other works I have not published, but no promises about this. I hate to admit this, but while A Fold to Extinction is my first published work, it is actually the fifth book I have written. I do love my previous works, but I do not feel they represent the images and characters I had in my head while writing them. I may go back and rework them at some point, but it has already been a massive learning experience for me to get to this point I realize there were many other mistakes I had made in the past regarding writing a book or story worth publishing.

I look forward to June 4th when A Fold to Extinction is released, and more so, I look forward to sharing with you many more adventures in the near future. Join me on Twitter @S_S_Fitzgerald for further updates and more interactions.

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