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A Fold to Extinction: Two Bodies in Space

Updated: Feb 9

Dim people move all about in the low glow of UV lights and instrumental panels. It was solemn there, like a cathedral, as he listened to the faint sound of water, drip, drip, drip. David stayed there, thinking, thinking, etching ideas into the walls of his skull. They all became as quiet as David was. The whoomp-whoomp-whoomp sound surrounded them. It was fading down. Slowing. Like the wheels of a train coming steadily to a stop at an expected station.

The eyes of the world should be on me. David thought, but he remained silent, stoic.

“All systems appear to be online. Power is coming back up.” Isaac Arnold announced. The faint smell of tobacco forever lingered on the black man wherever he went. Despite his odor, the man kept the facility operational, as the Plant Operations Director, Arnold was good at that.

“No residual readings. Radiation levels have dropped below .01 Millisieverts.” Another researcher announced from somewhere in the shadows.

“Communications have been reestablished.” A booming voice announced over the intercom. “Blast doors have been released.”

“Looks like a successful test.” Doctor Malcom said beside David.

“We need to increase the next test to five seconds, ten preferably." David said, without looking over.

“I don't think that's advisable, and the board certainly will not permit it.” David turned to Doctor Malcom. His thick glasses had caught light which hid his eyes, but he must have known what David was thinking as he continued. “I thought you would be thrilled about this. Your theories were proven correct. This is a major advancement.”

“I knew it would work. I had proven it time and time again in lectures. Now that you see it, why can I not extend the test time?”

“Doctor Kirk, I know the board will be utterly impressed with the work you have done here. I am astonished, and your prowess as a scientist and a physicist is unmatched. We still cannot risk a longer test. I will recommend for a push up to one second longer.”

“I will push my own recommendation.” David turned away from Doctor Malcom. He knew there would be that condescending grin and David knew if he saw it, he would be unable to control his emotions. Something he could not afford before the eyes of half of the research team.

“Very well.” Doctor Malcom had said, dismissing himself. “Congratulations, everyone!” He announced loudly as he departed from the room.

No cheers or applause were heard. There was an utter silence that itched at David's back as he watched the console in front of him. He tried to shut it out, but a sniffle brought his attention back to the room. The lights were beginning to brighten. The faces of his team were staring at him. Blankly, like cattle.

“What? What is so fascinating? We still have work to be done!” David undid the top button of his lab coat. “When I return, I expect energy levels to be back to operational status. See that it is done.” David left the team without further said.

David had accomplished what thousands had said was impossible. He had done the unthinkable, and he had proved it all time and time again. He had created a field, a force that allowed two moving bodies in space to bypass their position and touch. He had created and designed the engine. He had done the math. David had shown how time truly was an illusion, and they, humanity, could utilize the natural curvature of space to traverse the universe. The quantum level of space had been conquered, and he alone had done it. And the fools dare deny me free rein of my own invention!

The rest of humanity still struggled to put feeble satellites into space and explore their own solar system. In less than a second, he had surpassed them all. Even the most advanced manned craft were now outdated archaic crafted from a bygone era. If the US Government wishes to be difficult, I have a solution for them.

David sat at the computer in his personal office. There, in the clutter of emails, was one he had saved. It was a military email, a .mil email, from a very rough and terribly sore man he had met during a facility tour he had provided early on. The email chain read as follows:

Paul, any word on our benefactors? I believe it is time we get them more acquainted with my theories.”

“Doctor David Kirk, yes, I have heard from them. They do require some assurance to begin an in-depth understanding. I think your credentials will be highly valued. Respond when you’re ready here. I will follow up with you on a different means.”

David sniffed as he re-read the email. He had not replied. There was more between the lines. They both knew they were being watched. It’s time.

I hope you enjoyed this additional build up to the release of A Fold to Extinction. If you missed the last story, you can find The Uniqueness Hypothesis in the link below. Don't forget those on my reader's list, get these stories first!

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Apr 11, 2023

I like that I learn a little something from each of these. From what I heard from your ARC readers, the book has a lot to learn too. It'll be fun.


Apr 11, 2023

I'm betting June just isn't coming fast enough

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