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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

The sun had long since disappeared beyond the horizon, leaving behind a veil of darkness that engulfed the dense forest. Sarah was alone, lost in the heart of nature’s labyrinth, her heart pounding in her chest. The trees stood like towering sentinels, their branches whispering ancient secrets to one another. She had ventured too far, too deep into the unknown, and now she was being hunted.

It had started innocently and evolved to be so chaotic—they were pouring into everyone’s living rooms. She had to escape the chaos of the city. Sarah had sought solace in the embrace of nature, hoping to find some reprieve within the sanctity of the forest. But as dusk settled in, an unsettling presence seemed to descend upon her surroundings.

The forest had grown eerily quiet, as if holding its breath. Sarah’s footsteps became hushed, her senses on high alert. A shiver ran down her spine, her skin prickling with unease. She tried to dismiss her fears as mere paranoia, but the rustling leaves and occasional cracking branches sent her heart racing.

Now and then, she caught glimpses of movement out of the corner of her eye. Shadows flitted between the trees, vanishing as soon as she turned her gaze towards them. It was as if the forest itself was alive, watching her every move. The feeling of being observed intensified, suffocating her with a sense of dread.

Sarah quickened her pace, her footsteps blending with the symphony of nocturnal creatures. Her mind raced with questions. What was lurking in the shadows? Had they followed her? Panic gnawed at her thoughts, threatening to overwhelm her.

As she pushed deeper into the forest, the tree canopy grew thicker, casting an even deeper darkness over her. Sarah’s pulse quickened, her senses straining to detect any sign of danger, an indicator she was not alone. A low growl reverberated through the stillness, chilling her to the bone. Her heart froze in her chest as a pair of glowing eyes materialized in the distance, fixed upon her with unwavering intensity. The type of glow of a predator’s eyes reflecting the light.

Fear consumed her, paralyzing her limbs as she watched the creature stalk towards her. Its silhouette was monstrous, its movements fluid and predatory. She could feel its hunger, its thirst for her flesh. Survival instincts kicked in, and Sarah bolted through the undergrowth, her gasps for breath echoing in the night.

Branches whipped at her face, leaving stinging welts, but she pressed on. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, fueling her desperate flight. The creature pursued, its pace relentless, closing the gap between them. Sarah’s thoughts turned to survival, to finding a way out of this primal nightmare.

She chanced upon a small clearing, a sliver of hope breaking through the darkness. Her eyes fell upon a fallen log, the perfect hiding place. She dove behind it, her heart pounding in her chest. She clutched her breath, scarcely daring to move, as the creature prowled just a few steps away.

Sniffing the air, hunting. The clacking of clawed limbs against hard soil announcing it with every step. The creature pushed through brush effortlessly. Snorting as it moved, seeking. She was being hunted.

Time crawled by, the forest holding its breath once again. The silence stretched, and Sarah’s muscles burned with the strain of maintaining her hidden sanctuary. Her mind replayed the encounter, searching for clues to understand her pursuer. But the forest kept its secrets, refusing to reveal the identity of her stalker.

Had it just been more infected?

Minutes turned into an eternity until, finally, the creature’s growls receded into the distance. Sarah waited a few more moments, her racing heart gradually slowing its tempo. She ventured a peek over the log, her eyes scanning the surroundings. The creature had vanished, leaving no trace of its presence.

Gathering her courage, Sarah rose to her feet and resumed her escape. The forest still held its mysteries, but she was determined not to become one of them.

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